Torch Media Nola was created to bring New Orleans business owners an affordable and easy way to have their marketing handled. Torch Media Nola prioritizes the needs of each client. We strive to help you find your creative voice and target your specific audience. We are a culture of thinkers and makers who have been helping our clients build a strong following on today's social media platforms. Our business works closely with each client in order to create a solid communication strategy that will produce measurable results.

Meet the Team

James Jeffrey 

Owner / CEO 

My name is James Jeffrey Co-Owner and CEO of Torch Media Nola. I am a New Orleans native and have been in the luxury side of the hospitality industry for 7 years now. This has allowed me to understand the needs of many different business owners. The biggest need I have found has been a way to create a bigger social following. This is where Torch Media Nola comes in to play.

Haley Willette 

Owner / Director of Marketing 

My name is Haley Willette, and I’m the Co-Owner and Director of Marketing for Torch Media Nola! I’m born and raised in the New Orleans area, and I’m a Marketing major at the University of New Orleans. We decided to start this company to help local businesses gain social proof and to aid in advertising via social media. We understand that most business owners are weary and/or inexperienced when it comes to social media, but in the world of business, social media presence is a must in this day in age.



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