• James Jeffrey

5 Instagram Quick Fixes to Grow Your Account

Updated: Jan 28

1.) Posting at the proper times of the day is a big thing now that the Instagram Algorithm rewards you buy showing your post to more of your friends if it has quick interactions from people. This is key in growing your following due to the fact that if your post does really well it can show up on the discover page and receive a ton of interaction and (free Marketing) !

2.) Make sure that your Instagram flows and is easy for someone to get lost in scrolling through your content. This can be done by applying the same filter on every picture, using certain topic for your pictures (food, cars, etc.).

3.) Only follow industry leaders and your competition on social media accounts, your follower to following ratio needs always stay in check.

4.) Engage with your followers and others in your industry. Spend 5 minutes each day scrolling through and liking and commenting on users profiles. This helps them notice you and helps your brand become relevant.

5.) Picture Quality, ever wonder why some profiles look absolutely amazing? Simple, if you want a create page, put down the iphone and invest in an actual camera. You can one that will do video and pictures for under $1000.

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